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The needs of handicapped, elderly, and post surgical patients using the toilet, are areas that has been overlooked for years,   due to the complications of design and limited space considerations.

Millions of people need assistance using the toilet, whether it is in a hospital, nursing home, and public restroom or even in the privacy of their own homes. Injuries sustained by those helping the handicapped, elderly and those that are using the toilet themselves, have cost millions of dollars in medical bills and lost time on the job.

The Dignity Lift Corporation has created a solution.

It is called Dignity Lift, a mechanical lift that has the ability to be programmed to the users height, has 3 different types of controls, comes in 4 different models,  provides convenience, safety, peace of mind and Dignity to its user. The lift helps reduce the risk of injury to medical staff, patients, and the elderly, and the handicapped, whether they be institutionalized or in their own home. The Dignity Lift is easy to install, easy to use, attractive and is unobtrusive in size.

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